Carver Community Center’s  first class
Carver Community Center’s
first class




John E. RidleyJohn Ridley with Budget Committee
John Ridley with Budget Committee


Carver is dedicated to building a better community by building better families. Our passion for community service extends to all generations. Carver strives to change lives by providing unique programs to assist families with childcare, educational services, and senior services. Carver has three facilities in Evansville’s downtown area. In 1999 Carver built the Carver Neighborhood Center, our main campus, at 400 SE 8th St. Our Senior Service Center is next to the neighborhood center. Since 1967, Carver has also provided services at the C.K. Newsome Community Center at 100 E. Walnut St. In 2006, we signed a 7 year contract with the city to manage the C.K. Newsome Center. Carver’s Senior Center was renovated and operational.

Carver first provided working women and students with day care services in the late 1960’s. The day care moved from the basement of New Hope Baptist Church to the C.K. Newsome center in 1967. In 1969, Carver began screening potential college students. The network of community service provision began to peak around the 70’s. In the 1950’s our board of directors saw the demand for urgently needed neighborhood services. We began with literacy programs, arts and crafts, and various recreational activities for the whole family. 

Our first building was located on the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Morton Street. The site was originally a recreational facility the U.S.O. provided for servicemen. The first use of the site by Carver was as a recreational center for local teens. The Carver Community Organization evolved from a study administered by the National Recreational Association in 1944. Evansville was chosen along with several other targeted cities to establish community centers that would provide locals with wholesome leisure activities. The Carver organization was accepted as a non-profit group in 1948, thanks to the commitment of John E. Ridley, an employee of 12 years. Carver is unique compared to local community centers in that we provide service for all ages. We are committed to providing Evansville’s community with values driven services.

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