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Volunteering at Carver

Volunteers are the backbone of any non-profit organization. Carver is no exception!  By volunteering at Carver you have the opportunity to enhance the lives of many individuals in your community. Our volunteers change lives by:

Personal Benefits
Volunteering also has its own personal rewards!  As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to explore and develop new personal interests and passions while developing positive relationships with others.  Volunteer work is great material to include in your resume as well.  It is also a chance to learn, grow, and have fun at the same time. In order to help fulfill your personal interests, Carver has three different volunteer categories:

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Volunteer Opportunities and Job Descriptions

As a volunteer at Carver you will be expected to uphold the vision of our organization and lead by the message of our mission statement.  Your essential roles will be to:

Carver is currently accepting applications for the following volunteer positions:

Program Volunteers: You will become an essential part of the Carver family! Carver always needs volunteers to help with coaching the youth in various athletic activities as well as being a guest speaker. Another key aspect is tutoring children and teenagers in subjects that may require additional guidance outside of the classroom setting. We also need volunteers to chaperone on fieldtrips to local events, businesses, and schools. Program volunteers can also be involved with the senior members through the RSVP program.

Support Volunteers: Carver needs friendly and organized individuals to help work in the office of all three of our facilities.  You may also be asked to help at the front desk or around the grounds of our facilities.  You will be asked to do duties such as preparing bulk mailings, flyers, filing, etc…

Fundraising Volunteers: You will help maintain the foundation of the Carver organization. By being a philanthropy volunteer you will help raise funds through our campaigns. These campaigns are annual, capital, or sustaining events. You will be working at/running special events held by Carver, or asked to serve on the planning committee for those events. Fundraising volunteers are an essential part of the Carver family.

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Volunteer Application Process

The applications process is a simple 6 step process.

Volunteer Application:  Prospective volunteers must first fill out the provided application and drop it off at one of our locations
Reference Checks:  We will complete two reference checks on every new volunteer
Background Checks:  All volunteers will successfully complete the Central Registry and Indiana State Background Check. 
Interview:  A Carver staff member will interview the prospective volunteer to make sure the best possible match is made.
Job Description:  We provide our volunteers with a job description with the input of the prospective volunteer to make sure expectations are clear for all parties.
CPR/ First Aid Training:  All volunteers will be asked to complete this course in order to insure the safety of all of our participants.

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Questions and Answers about Volunteering at Carver

Q.  How do I apply?
A.  There is a six step process to the application process.  Each prospective volunteer must fill out an application, complete a background and reference check successfully, be interviewed by a Carver employee, discuss their job description, and successfully pass a CPR/ First Aid training course.

Q.  What age groups will I be helping out with?
A.  Carver needs volunteers to help out in every age group.  You can choose to help younger children, teenagers, and even help support seniors.  You have the choice to serve which ever age group fits your personal interest.  However, Carver may ask you to serve a certain age group to fulfill the organization’s needs. 

Q.  Are there people my age already volunteering for Carver?
A.  There are many different age groups already volunteering at Carver.  Volunteers include high school students, college students, and senior citizens. 

Q.  Do I need any specific training?
A.  Yes, every Carver volunteer and employee must successfully complete a CPR/First Aid course.  We do offer a course, but interested applicants must cover the charge of the course.

Q.  How many hours will I be working for one volunteer program?
A.  It’s up to you!  Carver is happy to work with your schedule and personal demands.  However, we do ask you give a considerable amount of time during your shift in order for it to benefit both parties. 

Q.  Are there opportunities offered throughout the year, or only during the school year?
A.  Carver needs volunteers throughout the calendar year.  We have many different programs which are offered during various times.  You can help out winter, spring, summer, and/or fall!

Q.  Who do I need to contact for more information?
A.  You can stop by one of our 3 facilities, or you can contact Stephanie F. Terry at (812) 423-2612 or email her at [email protected].

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