Executive Director David Wagner
Executive Director David Wagner

Directors Welcome

Welcome to the website for Carver Community Organization.

Carver Community Organization has proudly been a part of Evansville for the past 70 years. This wonderful milestone could not be possible without giving, caring, and hard working individuals and volunteers that are part of our organization. We count it a privilege to be providing such wonderful opportunities to the people of Evansville some who currently reside of over the world.

Reaching a milestone like 70 years of continuous service provides the perfect opportunity to reflect. I can’t consciously remember a time when Carver Community Organization was not a part of my life; several generations have had the benefit of being a part of the Carver family. As well, in reviewing Carver’s history it reflects that the total family service delivery model has been present since the early 1950’s. This comprehensive approach offers tools to eliminate root causes of family instabilities. Carver has continued our rich history by building local, regional, state, and national partnerships that enhances opportunities for a bright future. We applaud all of the dedicated board of directors, talented staff members, and committed partners for creating the existing nimble culture of this responsive organization.  

Carver Community Organization is here to help change lives by providing a foundation of support and encouragement!

David Wagner
Executive Director

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